Quality: Because images are never compressed, Frame Thrower does not create any visual artifacts, an important feature for those who insist on image quality. Frame Thrower operates at the full 2048×1556 resolution which means all the pixels of a full aperture scan are visible.

Productivity: Frame Thrower allows multiple users to load or remove clips from the system while sitting at their workstation. This means less wasted time waiting for the playback system to load or to become available. Ease of Use: The web interface used by Frame Thrower makes adding and removing clips extremely easy. The jog/shuttle controller makes it intuitive and quick to use.

Elegance: Frame Thrower can be rack mounted and placed in a machine room. Only a monitor and the jog/shuttle are required to perform playback. The styling is clean and appropriate for client presentations.

Integration: Frame Thrower provides an application programming interface that allows it to be controlled by programs or scripts. It can be remotely managed via a web browser. These features make it easy to integrate Frame Thrower into a production pipeline.

Performance: Frame Thrower uses gigabit Ethernet which makes it fast at loading images. It is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and UNIX file servers and supports a variety of image formats. It has ports available to allow the addition of Infiniband, 10Gbit Ethernet, or fibre channel interface adapters.