Review and Approval

The goal of a review and approval system is to quickly and efficiently view content in a manner that is as close as possible to the final presentation. It needs to provide a consistent result. You need a minimal amount of overhead and management. Frame Thrower is easily shared among multiple artists and allows supervisors to review the work in a consistent manner. Frame Thrower API allows it to be remotely managed and connected to a production management system.

Client Presentations:

Client presentations are a critical part of many post production facilities. Using a color correction system for play back is an expensive proposition. It ties up the system and requires a skilled operator. Frame Thrower allows you to prepare all the viewing parameters in advance to match the final presentation. The jog/shuttle makes it easy for a client to operate the system with very little instruction.

Digital Dailes:

Frame Thrower is ideal for screening room applications. Frame Thrower doesn’t require a separate keyboard, mouse, or screen. It can be operated with just the jog/shuttle controller and a display. Frame Thrower easily supports multiple screening rooms. Multiple controllers can be connected to Frame Thrower and the HD-SDI output can be switched among multiple viewing rooms.